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Abby + Andrew // Gilbert Temple, Arizona

Arizona is hot.... I think I mentioned that a time or two while I was down there this summer shooting Abby + Andrew's wedding. But regardless of the heat, I had a great time! This wedding weekend was so much fun, I got to stay with Abby's family and really got to know everyone on a personal level. We had a great time eating Mexican food, getting our nails done, and running around Arizona.

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Post Ceremony Moments

Want to know my favorite thing to do after your ceremony (especially if you didn't have a first look) ? I like to steal the bride + groom for 15 mins while guest are eating or getting dismissed to eat, or any time that seems appropriate.

Head to a quiet spot not far from where the reception is and allow my couple a few minutes alone to take it all in. A safe space where they can talk, hug + kiss and go over their thoughts and feelings from the days events so far.

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Lauren + Matthew // Ridgefield WA

The end of summer has me reminiscing on Lauren + Matt's backyard wedding in Ridgefield Washington. This day was filled with lots of family and friends surrounding the bride and groom. Everyone was hands-on for the success of this day, from helping with the decor, making food and serving one and other.  It was a beautiful day with perfect weather and memorable moments.

This was the first time I met Lauren + Matthew, it so so clear early on that their friendship ran as deep as their wedding vows.

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Brenna + Ben // Oregon

After Ben + Brenna got married we made plans to take some bridals while we scouted out a new spot in Oregon, and finally, those plans came to life. We made the 2-hour drive and then spent an hour getting lost and doubting all good things as the sun started to go down (ok maybe this was mostly me) the sky was cloudy from all the forest fires and it set off a crazy orange-pink hue.

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Kayla + Josh // Langdon Farms, OR

This summer has been filled with so many awesome weddings! I was so honored to shoot Kayla + Josh's wedding in Oregon. I went to school with Josh from middle school to high school, so I was pretty excited when I heard from him and Kayla to photograph their wedding.

Kayla + Josh's wedding was held at Langdon Farms, in Aurora Oregon. They were surrounded by close friends and family, all came to see they two sweethearts tie the knot. I was most touched by all of the love surrounding Kayla + Josh, there were so many special moments and my goal was to capture them to the best of my ability.

Enjoy guys!

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Boho inspired summertime wedding // Hockinson WA // Mollie + Bobby

This one is close to home (literally it was at our house - well my parent's house)! My little sister married her best friend! Mollie + Bobby asked me to photograph their wedding when they got engaged last year and I was honored to capture her big day at her side.

Mollie + Bobby got married in Hockinson, Washington at my parent's barn. There had been months and months of preparation for this wedding with remodeling, tearing down, building up and creating this magical place for their wedding. It all came together on a very hot July day, in the field next to the pond. And as I was taking pictures during the ceremony I couldn't help but take it all in from a different perspective than I had before. But taking pictures for my sister on her big day was one of the most special moments of my life and in my career.

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Genevieve + Dante // Ridgefield WA, Backyard Wedding

My job goes deeper than taking pictures, it's 100% about making connections and getting to know the people I photograph. At times I feel like I get to be a part of their lives for a season. And for this season of Genevieve's life, I felt a roller coaster of emotions, the kind that as a daughter and young mother myself I feel deeply for Genna. But seeing her with Dante brings me so much joy when they are together you sense Dantes protection for Genna. The protection of her heart and their little family, it gives me goosebumps thinking about it. I have been there for the engagement pictures, the family pictures when I got to meet little EJ, and see the three of them work as a family.

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Olivia + Kyle // Mt.Hood, Oregon

Olivia + Kyle's wedding took place in one of the most magical places, atop Mt.Hood where they exchanged their vows. They were surrounded by guests that came from all over the world to witness their special day. The weather was wonderful for us as we had on and off cloud coverage throughout the whole day. To be on the mountain in the summer was surreal. The views were captivating and the valleys spread out as far as the eye could see. 

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Chera-Lee + Austin // Portland, OR

Chera-Lee and Austin are celebrating 5 years of marriage to one and other. So naturally, we decided to celebrate their marriage by documenting their love. Chera-Lee got her dress out of storage to wear, while Austin put on a suit + tie. We went to Portland, Oregon and headed down to the Portland Studio.

My good friend Cambria - the owner of True Vine Floral brought in some beautiful flowers and bouquets for our shoot. Both Cambria and her husband Mac put together an arbor, floral rings, and so many more unique creations. Cambria is putting the finishing touches on her business and a new website, so if you're needing a florist, stay tuned.

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