Post Ceremony Moments

Want to know my favorite thing to do after your ceremony (especially if you didn't have a first look) ? I like to steal the bride + groom for 15 mins while guest are eating or getting dismissed to eat, or any time that seems appropriate.

Head to a quiet spot not far from where the reception is and allow my couple a few minutes alone to take it all in. A safe space where they can talk, hug + kiss and go over their thoughts and feelings from the days events so far.


And just when things get calmed down again spend 10 minutes photographing them. The body language, emotions and looks they give one and other is 100% different compared to the photos we took before the ceremony. Couples tend to be more relaxed, settled and rested than the beginning of the day when everyone is excited, busy and hustling around getting everything ready.


Take time to slow down, take the time to just soak it up all of it. And let your photographer be there alone with you to capture those first moments of marriage