Hunter Family // Morton, WA

If these photos don't bring on all the motherhood, crazy family time feels I don't know what will! Nick + Jess have three of the most photogenic kids in the world, seriously wait until you see these pictures of them. I felt refreshed after this session, shooting the Hunter family made me want to take on a lot more lifestyle/family sessions. We will see what comes of that, but until then - ENJOY!

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Abby + Andrew // Gilbert Temple, Arizona

Arizona is hot.... I think I mentioned that a time or two while I was down there this summer shooting Abby + Andrew's wedding. But regardless of the heat, I had a great time! This wedding weekend was so much fun, I got to stay with Abby's family and really got to know everyone on a personal level. We had a great time eating Mexican food, getting our nails done, and running around Arizona.

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Post Ceremony Moments

Want to know my favorite thing to do after your ceremony (especially if you didn't have a first look) ? I like to steal the bride + groom for 15 mins while guest are eating or getting dismissed to eat, or any time that seems appropriate.

Head to a quiet spot not far from where the reception is and allow my couple a few minutes alone to take it all in. A safe space where they can talk, hug + kiss and go over their thoughts and feelings from the days events so far.

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