Get to know me - as your photographer 


- What I am all about -

Im about capture authentic moments in your life, by taking photographs that move you and make you feel all the feels. Every blog post or gallery I send out gives me goose bumps. For me its about re-living the moment, feeling the anticipation, seeing the tears roll down your cheek when he proclaims his vows to you, the guests clapping for your first entrance as mr. + mrs. All of it. 

“I believe in the beauty of a man and a woman that have been created for each other and taking those steps towards each other will be one of the most rewarding things you do on this earth. I want to capture your wedding day as it unfolds, I want for you to always remember how you felt in those moments that will fly by.”

- The promises I make to you -

I can promise you, if you trust me and are vulnerable, we will create something together that holds the test of time. Honesty and vulnerability is what builds trust, and I dont believe any relationship should be without. I want to earn your trust, and create images that dont hold back from the reality of the moment. 

I am honest with you. I will answer your questions with honesty and love, and let you know that the center pieces dont matter, the weather , center pieces, who wore what doesn’t matter, the only thing that matters is making a covenant with the person that was created for you. You guys are the only thing that matter to me, and displaying your love is what I will capture. 

People always tell me my work is so engaging and that they love the candidness of it. But honestly more than often they don’t know what went into getting “that” photo. You have to trust me when I say “Focus on each-other, forget that I’m here. Don’t look at the camera, instead look at each other. Feel the moment”.  I thrive off shoots when my couples trust me with these moments, because you need to be present with the moment, not looking at the camera and thinking about where your elbow needs to be bent and the boutique needs to lay. Its not relevant to your wedding day. Anyone can take a picture on your wedding day because,  lets face it YOU GUYS ARE GOING TO BE BEAUTIFUL ON YOUR WEDDING DAY NO MATTER WHAT!

But I’m here to document what happening, I will pose you yes, guide you yes, and direct you where to look and when, YES. But candid imagery is just that, its me capturing the moments that are real, and thats what I specialize in. Making moments freeze and be brought back to life on a piece of paper, or your wall gallery, and the photo albums you create from your wedding day.   

- Who + What inspire me -

There are so many photographers out there now. My eyes are open to a new artist every day thanks to Instagram! So here are just a few photographers that inspire me and encourage me to push my limits as a artist.

Logan Cole

Lauren Apel

India Earl 

Quinn Oberlander

Peyton Byford

Justin Scudney

Olivia Strohm

Emily Magers

Everyone of these amazingly talented people also are some of the most kind hearted and open individuals I've ever met, or have spoken with. Be sure to check out their work, and see what I mean when I say they are inspiring and pushing the industry in the right direction.