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Hunter Family // Morton, WA

If these photos don't bring on all the motherhood, crazy family time feels I don't know what will! Nick + Jess have three of the most photogenic kids in the world, seriously wait until you see these pictures of them. I felt refreshed after this session, shooting the Hunter family made me want to take on a lot more lifestyle/family sessions. We will see what comes of that, but until then - ENJOY!

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Abby // Vancouver, WA

This queen is a senior! I have known Abby for over 5 years now. She has become like a sister to me and is a good friend. Abby has spent somewhere close to 100 hours over the past two years watching my boys and I couldn't be more grateful for the love and care she gives them. Abby has grown up so fast and I was honored that she wanting me to capture her senior year.

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Epp Family Pictures // Hockinson WA

Our family friends had asked me to photograph their younger kids (Oldest is off at college - don't worry Ethan, we didn't forget about you) so I headed up the mountain to their house.  We had a great time chasing dogs, dodging sprinkles and talking homeschool, but for real our time together was awesome. End of Summer / early Fall is my favorite for family pictures.

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Aleysha + Josh // Columbia River, Washington

Aleysha is a barista at my local coffee shop, and yes that is where we met. I got to photograph Aleysha + Josh out in the gorge next to the Columbia River last month. We hiked through wildflowers and dodged sheets of rain as we got to know each other.

I cherish moments like this because if it wasn't for Aleysha's boldness of always engaging in conversation with me we would still just be strangers. So next time go out of your comfort zone and talk with someone, meet someone new <3

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